Hi there and welcome to MemoryBilia.

This is a home of information about dementia,for those people with a new diagnosis of dementia, run by people with dementia.


but you are most welcome.

A diagnosis of dementia can feel like a scary, confusing, upsetting and lonely time. We all know this only too well as we have been there very recently ourselves. It may feel like the end of the world, but it is not.







This is the start of a new and different life and you have taken the first step on your journey with us.

The MemoryBilia site is here for guidance and information and help you to keep doing what you can do as long as is possible.

Remember that life is about what you CAN still do,

not about what you can no longer do.


Here is a simple quote from the internet that should sum up a diagnosis of dementia:-




"just when the caterpillar thought his world had come to the end, he turned into a butterfly"


and make use of the carefully chosen information and links here.

Make sure that you come back often for updated information AND to keep on playing the music and memory jogging things here!!!!!!


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